Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let's review...

At the request of my friend Missy, I am updating my blog, not that anyone even cares anymore... Since I have not updated since September, this is another long post, just of a review of stuff that's happened in the last 4 months.

Parkie wearing daddy's shoes and doing her "funny face."
Her "funny face" is sort of a trademark in our family.
Sometimes she does it so hard she shakes.

Picking out pumpkins for Halloween.

At the pumpkin walk.

At the Venetian garden in Las Vegas.

The week before Halloween Kory and I went to Disneyland with my parents and sisters. Parkie didn't come, she got to stay in Logan with her Grandma Cyndi. Of course Kory and I stopped in Las Vegas first for a few days.

Me as a toy!
California Adventure opened the new Toy Story ride just this last summer. The line for it was always insane, but Kory and I managed to ride it FOUR times! (I also beat Kory 3 out of 4 times!) It is probably my new favorite ride!

Kory as the Mad Hatter.
He doesn't pull it off as well as Johnny Depp...

Parker in her ladybug costume.
This picture was actually staged and taken after Halloween since Kory and I were on the long drive home from California the night of trick-or-treating. Grandma Cyndi got to take Parker out and they just went to family members houses, but I'm pretty sure she really enjoyed it!

This was actually taken the night of trick-or-treating.
I'm not sure what the grumpy face was all about. I guess Halloween brings out the full range of emotions in kids. Her costume is vintage- my mom made it for me when I was a little girl.

Riding the carousel at the South Town mall.
Every year me, my mom, and sisters go on a Salt Lake shopping trip before Christmas. The South Town mall is my favorite mall- Parker loves it because of the carousel.

At our ward Christmas party.
This picture makes me want to kiss her face all over!

Christmas Eve with baby Maddie.
Baby Maddison is actually my cousin (so that makes her Parker's 2nd cousin?). Anyway, Parker is absolutely obsessed with her!!! Whenever we see her, she begs and begs to hold her and gives her kisses and says things like, "Baby so cute..." Baby Maddie was actually asleep in this picture, Parker was pretending.

Christmas morning.
Santa brought her a kitchen set and about a kajillion pieces of play food.

At Grandpa Mike's on Christmas.

My parents got her this adorable table and chairs.

Mommy and Parkie on her 2nd birthday.
Actually her b-day was on Dec. 30 and we had a family party for her on New Year's day, this picture was taken during the party.

Grandma Cyndi and Papa Jeff gave her this adorable little pink chair. I didn't know they made stuff like this for little people! Doesn't she look so cute sitting in it?

At the Utah Auto Expo.
I also had a birthday and for fun Kory and I went to the car show at the South Town Expo Center. I don't actually want a Jeep, this was one of the only pictures we took.

Mommy and Parkie doing the "funny face."

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Parker's Summer Loves

Well, obviously I haven't gotten any better at updating my blog- I haven't posted anything all summer! And summer is almost over! So this is kind of a summary of our summer, well, actually more of Parker's summer. She's the only person I ever blog about because she's the only interesting person in our family! Last summer I did a post called "Reasons We Love Summer", so this year I'm calling it "Parker's Summer Loves". Here you go, it's another long one:Playing in her kiddie pool.

Playing in the sprinkler.

Giving the camera the stinkface at the fireworks show.

Coloring (perhaps her most favorite thing) at a restaurant in Park City.

Look at that face!

Watching the Hyrum parade at Kory's grandparent's house.

Doin' some swingin'.

Giving the camera the stinkface again at the Hyrum parade.
(It is difficult to get this kid to smile.)

Looking at the animals at Willow Park zoo.

Doin' some more swingin'.
(Actually this might be her most favorite thing.)

Riding the carousel at the Preston fair.

What do ya know? Giving the stinkface again at the Preston fair.

Riding the carousel at the Logan fair.
She was super stoked that she got to ride the bunny.

Petting a goat (very cautiously) at the Logan fair with Grandma F.

Just chillin' in a chair.

Feeding the ducks in the canal.
One bit her toe.

Pointing at a mark on the stairs at Ellis park.
She kept calling it a hippo.

Doin' some slidin'.

Swimmin' in the Sports Academy pool.
(Okay, maybe this is her favorite thing.)

More swimmin' with Grandma P.

If you are still reading this post, you are very patient! I wanted to share this video because lately Parker has been such a sweet and super loving little girl. Of course she has her moments when I want to poke my own eyes out, but she is mostly sweet because she has learned to say I love you and will usually say it back to anyone who says it to her. It is the cutest thing. Also, she walks around the house all day long asking for "kisses and luvs" from me and everyone. And I mean ALL DAY LONG. She kisses and luvs her stuffed animals, pictures, the tv, my parents cat, books, and the other day she even wanted to kiss pieces of ice. She especially wants an excessive amount of kisses and luvs when she's upset or knows she's been naughty. That's the only time it actually becomes annoying...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

WARNING: This is a long post.

I think it is pretty obvious that blogging has not even been on my priority list for the last six months. I guess I just haven't been interested, but I decided that it is finally time.
Nothing majorly exciting has really happened. Last week Kory and I went to Las Vegas and hung out. It was nice because up until then I hadn't been on vacation in TWO YEARS. Sad, I know. It was nice to get away and escape the constant rain and cloudiness.

As for Parker, she has sure grown a lot since my last post. She is 17 months- one more month until she can go to nursery! She is so much fun, and super hilarious. She is also super smart. But I have to mention that she sure does push her boundaries lately. I know it normal for kids her age to do that, but some days I just don't know if I can take it!

These are a few of Parker's favorite things:

Her very MOST favorite thing is playing outside!!!

She loves her "Baby Signing Time" videos! They have taught her so many signs and have tremendously helped her learn how to talk and communicate. When she is upset or wants something, she can always communicate to me what she wants and I never have trouble figuring it out, all because of Signing Time. I highly recommend them to anyone with a baby or small child. This is a short video of only just a few of the signs she knows. (All-in-all I think she knows around 40-50 signs.)

She loves sunglasses!

She loves hats! She turns everything into a hat: cups, bowls, pots and pans, and even the little tiny clear plastic caps that come on bottles of syrup and stuff. In this picture, she's turned my decorative hat boxes into hats for her and her daddy!

She loves to dance and listen to music. In this picture I found her dancing in my room to the radio and she had turned a diaper into a hat (like I said, she loves hats!)

She loves to play with toys, mostly stuffed animals lately. She is giving this giant bunny hugs and kisses!

She loves to make this scrunchy bug face!

I thought she would love playing in this teepee, which used to be mine. She did love it, but for only about 30 seconds.

Other things she really loves right now:
-being read books to
-watching her favorite channel Nick Jr.
-playing with fridge magnets
-playing with and in water, especially the toilet
-being sung to
-making messes
-making animal noises
-going on walks
-being around kids
-not minding me (I think this might actually be her most favorite)